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CPA Multiple Choice Questions

4th October 2015

I am very much happy to put forward this valuable book for the students of CPA Canada. At various level of exam of CPA, Canada students are tested for their conceptual technical knowledge through short questions and or Multiple Choice Questions.

It was felt that students are struggling hard in such MCQ and some time it reduces their chance for success in the final exam on account of poor performance in the same. The MCQ are tested at PEP level, challenge exam and also at CFE ranging between 75 % To 25 % of total coverage.

An attempt is made to provide these in a single book so that student can practice at the ease of there home or office.

Although this book has been carefully prepared, it will not be all inclusive. Ultimately students are required to refer necessary technical materials in more depth to pass the exam. This is only a study aid to help students to prepare for the exam with a short span of available time.

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PA1 CGA, PA2 CGA , Technical Guidefor PA1, PA2 Students
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PA1 CGA, PA2 CGA , Technical Guidefor PA1, PA2 Students