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Online Videos for CFE or Core 1 or Core 2 - One Day Review (For CPA Canada)

This service enables you to view pre recorded videos at ease of your home and time preference. They are specifically targeted towards the CFE or core 1 or core 2 students who are close to giving their exams. They are formatted in one day review style so that students can revise the topics in a time efficient way.

There are 6 Lectures each for either Core 1 or Core 2 of 3 hrs each. Fore CFE there are 8 Lectures. You are allowed to view these videos for 2 times. You will be given access details for viewing videos after your payment is received.

CFE Technical Study Guide (For CPA Canada)

This book covers all the technical aspect requires to write the various exams like core 1, core 2, and in particular common Final Exam. Though the last exam CFE is based on Case writing strategy, students face problems writing cases effectively without in depth knowledge on the technical background of various courses they passed earlier. MCQ are included at the end of each course with detailed answer to understand technical concepts at the root.

Often students directly jump to write various cases and later on unable to either identify the related issue or explain in less depth to get a passing grade in the case. One of the main reasons of failure is the very poor conceptual technical knowledge. Cases are created on some background information based on real work situation. It is also designed to test, the technical knowledge of students. If students are strong in technical concepts, he can easily write any complicated case. Our main motto to create this book is to update students with all related technical course areas. This book is also designed based on CPA Canada competency map.

Core 1 Study Guide or Core 2 Study Guide

This book contains technical, MCQ and three cases. Books are prepared as per CPA Often students are very busy with their job, family and assignment work till the date of final exam. They have limited amount of time to read and understand all courses in depth. Many of them have passed some courses in earlier years and forgotten the main concept. As the final exam are approaching fast, you are required to refer all technical concepts as you have to be competent to solve MCQ and case analysis. This book will be useful to students of Core 1 or Core 2

Online Discussion for CFE, Core 1 or Core 2

I also take online classes (mostly through Skype) for CFE May & Sep 2016 exam for CPA Canada. Similar classes will be also provided for core 1 and core 2 modules. Classes will be mostly on weekend and can be arrange on week day on special request.

For CFE, classes will be for all technical course area and some MCQ. There are 5 lectures for technical course area, one for case writing strategy and debriefing and one mock exam with marking by the tutor himself. All the classes will be taken by me. There are two categories 1) in a batch of 3 to 5 students and 2) one to one basis, this is particularly for specific student who require close monitoring.

Similar online lectures are also provided for Core 1 and Core 2 modules. Next Batch is from 5th November 2016.

Multiple Choice Questions (For CPA Canada)

I have also put forward this another valuable book for the students of CPA Canada. At various levels of exam of CPA, Canada students are tested for their conceptual, technical knowledge through short questions and or Multiple Choice Questions.

It was felt that students are struggling hard in such MCQ and some time it reduces their chance for success in the final exam on account of poor performance in the same. The MCQ are tested at PEP level, challenge exam and electives ranging between 75 % To 25 % of total coverage. Though CFE is based on case writing only, practice for MCQ is necessary and useful to understand the technical concepts at root level.

An attempt is made to provide these in a single book in hard cover so that student can make practice at any place without the internet. Although this book has been carefully prepared, it will not be all inclusive. Ultimately students are required to refer necessary technical materials in more depth to pass the exam. This is only a study aid to help students to prepare for the exam with a short span of available time.

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PEP CPA, CFE CPA , Technical Guidefor CPA PEP & CFE Students.
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