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CPA Comman Final Examination

Appearing in CPA Canada Common Final Exam 2020 ?

Struggling To Pass Common Final Exam in CPA?

The CFE exam consist of
  • Capstone 1: Group work of 5-7 students to jointly present a case analysis like an assignment work for day 1 exam. Mostly student get the pass grade
  • Capstone 2: Exam preparation module for day 2 & day 3 All students mostly get the pass grade
  • Final Exam

  • Structure of Final Exam:

    Day-1 include one case analysis of 4 hour duration based on enabling competencies related with ethics , problem solving, leadership and communication skill. This is an extension of Capstone 1 case with different scenario. The focus is not on technical competencies but ethics, big picture and problem solving. Student need to separately pass this exam
    Day-2 include 5 hour of one big case analysis ( about 40-50 pages) in which student need to select core area of his choice prior to write the exam. He should provide in depth analysis in subject area and either in Financial Reporting or Management Accounting. Contact tutor for further help and guidance.
    Day-3 include 3 hour of exam consists of three short case analysis of a different nature. The exam will test all related competencies including technical. Student need to pass individually day 1 to day three exam

    How to pass CFE?

    Student should be through competent in all main concepts of technical knowledge of all six course area, i.e. Financial Reporting, Management Accounting, Audit, Taxation and Governance and Risk Management. He should also know the right approach and format of writing case analysis. Buy the book published by the tutor, CFE TECHNICAL STUDY GUIDE 2019. Take tuition for in class or on line for appearing in the exam with more confidence. Email - or call on cell :1(647)505-6648