CPA Exam Tutor Review

Appearing in CPA Core 2 2024 ?

Struggling To Pass Core 2 Exam in CPA?

The Core 2 exam consist of
  • Management Accounting 50-70 %
  • Strategy and Governance 10-30%
  • Finance 10-20%
  • Financial Reporting 0-10 %

  • Structure of Core 2 Exam:

    The exam is of 4 hour. 75 % small objective type MCQ. 25% is one case analysis. Due to covid-19, exam may be with 2 case analysis for temporary period.

    Core 2 cases will assess competencies mainly in Management Accounting, but will integrate one or two other competency areas. Although the cases will focus on Core 2, all prior learning’s are also testable, i.e. Entry-level competencies. Candidates will have access to restricted resource material, i.e. CPA Handbooks, the Income Tax Act and present value tables, a list of common ratios, a tax-shield formula and other relevant tax information. However students have limited time to go through the same. Enabling skills are also assessed through case analysis and short questions

    How to pass Core 2 ?

    Student should be through competent in all main concepts of technical knowledge of all main course area, i.e. Management Accounting, Financial Reporting and Governance. He should also know the right approach and format of writing case analysis. Buy the book published by the tutor, CPA Core 2 Study Guide 2024 sixth edition - Book includes technical, MCQ and five cases with solutions. Contact tutor by email, for taking tuition for in class or on line for appearing in the exam with more confidence.