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CPA Common Final Exam 2018 is approaching fast and now just two month away. Exam is conducted by CPA Canada only once a year. If student get through in the exam, he will get the most prestigious designation of CPA Canada. Many students are in process to do the same.

Exam is for three days and little more tough and lengthy. Most of you are busy with the jobs and family as well and left with little time to prepare well. As all of you know very well that exam is totally on case writing approach and time is always the constraint. Speed, accuracy and professional judgement are the essential skills in this exam.

Many students are struggling to pass day 2& 3 exam. Time constraint was faced by the students particularly for day 3. The most preferable approach is to read, understand and prepare outline in 30 % of available time for each case.

CPA is testing your knowledge from variety of in depth course concepts and as such you should have a through technical knowledge and practice for reading and understanding cases. In view of limited availability of time, we at Beyond Accounting Coaching Services have prepared 7 recorded video lectures exclusively for CFE 2018 exam. These lectures cover in brief all important technical competencies normally being tested in the exam. Exam is for total case writing approach, and without sound knowledge of technical concepts, it is difficult to provide in-depth response.

These video lectures are available at just $ 75 plus tax. Exclusive book CFE TECHNICAL GUIDE 2018 is also available at a cost of $ 165. For further information and for one to one coaching, you can contact us at or email at