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Some Excerpts from the CPA CANADA Website in Nutshell

A unique and very impressive designation for accountancy profession in Canada. Three big

accounting bodies CGA, CMA and CA has now merged into a single accounting entity for global

development of the profession in Canada.

Summary of course content:




A student either a under graduate or graduate in any discipline can select respective step 1 or 2

to start with the program. An under graduate student need to complete related modules in

CPA-PREP if he has not done in his earlier educational courses.

CPA- PEP consists of core 1, core 2 and any two of available four elective modules. Core 1 is

related with Financial Reporting and core 2 is related with Management Accounting.Four

elective module consists of Finance, Performance Accounting, Assurance and Taxation.

Assurance and Taxation are must for Public Accounting practice. Student need to pass all four

exams at the end of each module. Exam is related with about 25 % with MCQ and short

questions and 75 % with case analysis

CPA-CFE consists of three day exam and is must for all students to pass and get the designation

of CPA

Capstone one and Capstone 2 are a part for preparation for CFE

Day-1 include one case analysis of 4 hour duration based on enabling competencies related

with ethics , problem solving, leadership and communication skill.

Day-2 include 5 hour of one big case analysis in which student need to select core area of his

choice and need to provide response

Day-3 include 3 hour of exam consists of three short case analysis of a different nature

Student need to pass individually day 1 to day three exam

CFE exam is related with 25 % with MCQ and 75 % with case analysis

In short student should be competent enough in related technical course concepts and solving

MCQ to pass CPA



Webinar vs Classroom

Since last one decade or so, the concept of E-learning is getting more and more popular. Due to rapid growth in internet, development of faster network and extensive use of appliance like tablets, smart phone and others devices had created new environment of faster learning. Now a day, students are remaining very busy with the continuous learning process along with on the floor jobs. They have very limited availability of time, rather could not afford to waste precious time. E-learning is therefore one stop solution for this. Students therefore prefer to study on-line rather than attending classroom in the educational institute and or with coaching classes.

Advantages of Webinar as against class room teaching:

  • Saving in time and cost of to and fro travelling
  • Option to hear the recorded lecture at leisure
  • Option to save the file on line, can save cost of printing
  • Learn from a far long distance and can improve career option
  • Can hear the voice more precisely with the use of headphone
  • It is very flexible and also useful to many students who are sick and have some dis-ability to attend classes
  • Improved and close interaction between students and instructors
  • It moves faster —  e-learning courses progress up to 50 percent faster than traditional courses