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CFE MAY 2016/ SEPT 2016

Many students across Canada are thinking to appear in the final exam either in May or in September 2016 to get the designation of CPA. Some are repeater, some are for the first time, some are from either CGA or CMA.

The big question is how to get through this exam? Exam is not as easy as your earlier courses. It requires hard work to understand conceptual technical knowledge of all six competency area i.e. Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Audit, Finance, Taxation, Strategy and Governance. Exam is evaluated on the basis of case analysis approach through depth and breadth of related competency. You should plan out your schedule of taking Capston1, Capston2 and CFE exam. You should also plan out your availability of time to cover all above courses.

Students should not jump out in writing case analysis directly. They must go through all important concepts related to technical subjects and ensure its accuracy through practice of related MCQ. Many students who failed in this exam are on account of lack of technical knowledge. Once if you are strong in technical concepts, it will be easier for you to write any case analysis effectively.

Students should also know the effective writing skill and approach to write the case analysis.
I am publishing one book exclusively for CFE shortly which contains all technical course concepts with lot of high value MCQ. On line lectures will also available for students to get confidence in the exam. For latest updates visit CFE CPA Tutor Home Page.