Benefits of CGA Designation – Part 3

CGA’s can work in following Senior Level Positions.

Chief Financial Officer

Gives programmatic and operational help to the company. Chief Financial Officer takes charge of the financial unit. He will also act as a spokesperson for the financial related issues. Chief Financial Officer will deal with President or CEO. He may help Chief Operating Officer on many strategy or financial related matters which may relate to budget management, cost benefit analysis, future analysis needs and procuring new ways of funding.


They take care of everyday accounting modules like accounts payable, cash management , payroll and accounts receivable. They may also take care of monitoring financial reporting , analysis , manage investments , prepare budgets  and manage insurance programs. They often direct special projects like internal audits, generate reports on corporate tax returns.

Director of Finance

They have to do through strategies of the organization, and will report to executive director. They are very participative manager. They lead and develop organization’s team to enhance following areas: finance, business planning, budgeting, human resources , IT and administration. They constantly act to increase quality programming and build capacity.

Financial Analyst

They analyze data affecting investment programs, such as stability, price, yield , trends , investment risks and economic influences. Analyze basic economic, industrial and corporate developments obtained from investment banking firms, financial publications and services, trade publications, local sources, local agencies. They analyze financial information to produce trends in business, industry , and economic conditions for making apt decisions in investments.



2 thoughts on “Benefits of CGA Designation – Part 3

  1. Tristan

    Good point Paul. I am a CMA myself, and while I have my own pereiptcon of the strengths and weaknesses of the different designations, they are blurring over time, with or without a formal merger.We find that the vast majority of clients for our contact finance services simply want the candidates to have a designation very rarely do they specify a particular one or subset, and if they do, it’s usually the same designation they have themselves!They usually take the achievement of any of the designations as having passed the hurdle of displaying an apptitude for debits and credits! After that, it is ALL about the person, their specific experience, and their fit and style.

    1. nehal Post author

      Very much agree with your last line “After that, it is ALL about the person, their specific experience, and their fit and style.”


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